Leading with Emotional Intelligence - BOP - $2100 +gst

Event Start: 2019-03-12 08:30


Event End: 2019-03-12 17:00

Event Location: Sharp Tudhope, 152 Devonport Road, Tauranga

Two-Day Workshop - 12-13th March

Leadership is an art and emotional intelligence is a critical skill that will help leaders be far more effective.
Emotions play a far greater role in determining business outcomes than many leaders realise. Leaders who are self-aware and able to engage hearts as well as minds by using emotions intelligently generate higher performance from themselves, their team and their organisation.

Leading with emotional intelligence
This practical 2-day course equips you with the foundational skills to become more flexible, self-aware and people savvy to take your leadership to the next level.
This leadership course is a unique opportunity to learn the science behind effective leadership as well as the skills. Rarely offered outside of senior leadership programmes within organisations, this course blends key insights from neuroscience—what leaders need to know to become more strategic and effective—together with over a decade’s research into emotional intelligence.

Why emotional intelligence?
Emotional intelligence underpins our capacity to work well with others, manage stress and make effective decisions. Emotional intelligence, more than knowledge, technical skills or traditional measures, has been shown to determine individual performance and business outcomes. These abilities can be measured and learned.
Two decades of solid research has demonstrated that developing emotional intelligence has a bottom-line impact on performance, employee engagement, organisational climate, teamwork, sales and customer loyalty. Learning to be more emotionally intelligent has never been so important.

Tangible outcomes
• This 2-day course is an opportunity to:
• Gain core skills and critical knowledge to engage people and make good decisions.
• Learn techniques to perceive, use and understand your emotions and others, including how to read body language and pick up emotional signals before they escalate.
• Increase your ability to manage your own and other’s emotions and behaviour.
• Receive personal assessment and coaching to increase your confidence and self-awareness.
• Your employer will also benefit from your improved emotional intelligence, practical understanding of best-practice leadership, and greater capacity to bring out the best in others.

Course Outline
Day One – Emotional Intelligence
> Mayer-Salovey-Caruso model of emotional intelligence (MSCEIT) - perceiving, using, understanding and managing emotions
> The science of emotions – neuroscience for leaders
> Emotional perception in self and others
> Using emotions to facilitate cognitive thinking
> Emotional complexity - why people do what they do
> Emotional triggers – understanding progression

Day Two – Leading self and others
> Managing emotions in self and others - building resilience and handling emotions effectively
> Creating a climate of success through your own emotional intelligence skills and strategies
> Building positive relationships to create higher performance
> Team communication - positive ratio for success
> Actions to drive engagement

Individual support
> Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional
Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) and personal development report
> Confidential debrief and action planning